September 15, 2021

Instead of the new SUV, try the Classic Defender

It’s 2021, and of course, there are an array of new SUVs on the market, including the new Land Rover Defender (which is actually available here in the U.S. for
September 9, 2021
diesel defender

History of the Diesel Defender

When you hear or think of the original Land Rover Defender, you automatically think of two engines that absolutely belong to this vehicle: the diesel and the Rover V8. These
September 8, 2021

The Difficulties of Restoring a Vintage Defender

There’s a reason why car enthusiast blogs and magazines write about restored vehicles like the ones ECD, Arkonik, and Twisted rebuild — it’s because restoring a vintage Defender is f*cking
September 7, 2021
range rover classic long wheel base

ECD – New Facility

E.C.D. Automotive Design Scales Growth to Produce 100 Truck Builds Annually New “Rover Dome” Facility to Accommodate Vintage Land Rover Specialist’s Rapid Growth with Second Production Line and First International
August 31, 2021

How ECD Installs Leather into Defenders

 Being the King of custom, ECD’s customized Defenders have equally sublime interiors as the build’s individual exterior features. Exploring the interior options can be overwhelming since the interior design and
August 31, 2021

Cerebral-Overload: E.C.D. Auto Brings The Heat

The more traditional-style build, Project C2 notably maintains its original TDI diesel engine, torn down and rebuilt for peak optimization. Like the engine, many of the truck’s original features are
August 27, 2021

ECD Summer Ready Trucks

E.C.D. Automotive Design Brings the Heat with Scorching Line Up of Summer-Ready D110s The Company’s Bespoke Land Rovers Are Guaranteed to be the Coolest Trucks on the Sunniest Roads KISSIMMEE,
August 25, 2021

Street Trucks Mag: E.C.D. Auto Brings The Heat With Two Summer-ready D110s!

E.C.D. Automotive Design (E.C.D.), the leading authority in restoring classic Land Rovers into custom one-of-one luxury vehicles, today unveils this deluxe line-up of summer-ready Defender 110s (D110s), ideal for beach
August 25, 2021

Motortrend: ECD Electric Land Rover Range Rover Classic First Drive: Electro-Luxe

The future of motoring may be electric, but that need not be exclusive of the past. Back in April, we rounded up a bunch of companies willing to convert your
August 25, 2021

Forbes: Building A Tesla-Powered Range Rover & Ultimate Overland Vehicle

E.C.D. Automotive Design is considered the pioneer in restoring and upgrading classic Land Rover Defenders. As innovators, the dedicated team works to implement state-of-the-art performance and luxury comfort options to
August 25, 2021

Forbes: Electric Land Rover Defender Shows How To Age A Classic Car Gracefully

Despite the Tesla TSLA -0.5% powertrain hiding inside, you’ll never mistake this converted Range Rover Classic for one of Elon Musk’s 21st century rides. And that’s part of the charm for the team
August 25, 2021
custom defender 90

Transforming the Original Defender with Custom Guages

One of the best parts of having a classic restoration is having the opportunity to make parts of your vintage Defender like new again. Restoring or upgrading your original Defender’s