December 1, 2021

Modern Conveniences of a Restored Land Rover at ECD

Originally built to be a workhorse, the Land Rover Defender is truly a vehicle that can go the extra mile… when it’s not at the side of the road with
November 24, 2021

Land Rover Defender Grille Options for Classic to Modern Restoration

November 17, 2021

Durability of the Classic Land Rover

Originally built to meet a market in need of a go-anywhere vehicle, the Land Rover Defender’s primary use during its initial production was something between a sheep truck and a
November 3, 2021
land rover defender 90

Custom Engine Options for the Range Rover Classic

ECD has produced quite the range of vintage Range Rover Classics since announcing the vehicle as a part of their lineup only a few years ago. Much like ECD’s now-famous
October 26, 2021
Series IIA

Building the Perfect Restored Defender

In true restomod fashion, rebuilding a classic Land Rover Defender from the ground up isn’t for the faint of heart. Swapping an engine, a new paint job, freshly reupholstered seats,
October 20, 2021
defender 90

How ECD Restored the Classic Defender Dash

The classic Defender was an authentic piece of heritage. As a heritage-style vehicle, the original interior was built for the most basic needs and minimal controls. The dashboard, sans a
October 13, 2021
defender 110

Top 5 Unique Defender Modifications in ECD History

As the vehicle industry heads into 2022, the car world still has its eyes on the newest and latest innovations of its past classics. Vehicles like the Land Rover Defender,
October 6, 2021

Overland Capbilities of the Defender

The Land Rover Defender has always been known as the “go-anywhere vehicle.” Originally built to carry military gear and as a vehicle that needed to be able to manage challenging
October 5, 2021
electric range rover classic

Benefits of Electric Land Rovers vs other Drivetrains

It seems 2021 has been the year of electric. With Tesla constantly on the verge of the latest technology and even fine-tuning their self-driving vehicles, electric transportation is shaping up
September 24, 2021
Custom Restored Defender 110

How ECD Became Creators of the Original Defender V8

One of the most treasured aspects of the original Defender is its staple Rover V8 engine. The 3.5L V8 reminded us all of the “Little Engine Who Could” with its
September 21, 2021

Auto Evolution: Range Rover Classic Hides LT4 Surprise With More Power Than Supercharged 2021

The Kissimmee, Florida-based company has made a big name for itself in the Land Rover Defender restomod field already. But although the rough SUV occupies much of their time, there’s always room for
September 21, 2021
Electric Range Rover Classic

HotCars: Awesome Electric Classic Car Conversions We’ve Ever Seen

Gone are the days when SUVs and off-road vehicles were considered second-class vehicles, only fit for farm work. Today, some of the world’s most prestigious auto manufacturers offer SUVs that