January 15, 2021
custom defender 110 for sale

ECD Introduces In-House Hydrodipping for Custom Defenders

Throughout the year, E.C.D. has made the most significant strides in its innovations. We introduced our first build with a nearly full panoramic roof, giving off amazing views inside and
January 8, 2021
NAS Land Rover Defender 90

Why You Should Buy a Classic Land Rover Defender

In the year 2021, it can be challenging to find a vehicle that truly speaks to your passions and, let’s face it, isn’t the same vehicle you see in every
January 1, 2021

Building a Spring Ready Custom Defender

Spring is right around the corner, and as snowy weather kicks in, everyone is looking forward to the next season’s warmer temperatures. Having several builds being delivered in spring and
December 25, 2020

Top 10 Defenders of 2020

This year at E.C.D., we’ve had an amazing range of custom vehicles down the line. This year we celebrated several firsts in the Rover Dome with a few builds deemed
December 18, 2020
Classic Restored Defenders

Classic Defender Built with Modern Elements

For those in the market for their own custom Defender, E.C.D. is the ideal way to get your classic vehicle with a modern twist. With every vehicle being fully rebuilt
December 11, 2020
restored classic defender 110

ECD Builds with Classic Defender Look

Being the premium builder of custom Land Rover Defenders, E.C.D. see its share of both modern and classically designed custom Land Rover Defenders come down our line. The classic Defender
December 9, 2020

E.C.D. or Twisted? The Facts

Since first coming to the United States, the Land Rover Defender has always been a rare commodity. Over the years, restoration shops and car fanatics have tackled taking on restoring
November 27, 2020

Autoevolution: Roll-Caged Land Rover Defender 90 Really Isn’t Your Average V8 “Cookie Kutter”

Who has never dreamed of having a Land Rover? Probably most people. There’s nothing like the sheer power associated with these earth-eating machines. Well, here’s your chance; E.C.D. Automotive Design is
November 27, 2020
custom defender 110 interior

Old News Club: Tesla Powered Custom Electric Land Rover Defender

If you love the look of a classic Land Rover…but are considering a more eco-friendly option, the electric Defender by ECD Automotive Design might just be your perfect option. Check