January 26, 2022

Upgrading a Defender with a LT1 Engine

A master of small block engines, GM engines were a staple to the introduction of Hot Rods and Restomods. The original LT1 (then the LT-1) was a small block engine
January 26, 2022
ls3 range rover classic

Creating the Unimaginable: Land Rover Defender V8 Engine Swap

Creating the Unimaginable: Land Rover Defender V8 Engine Swap In 1998, Land Rover commemorated its 50th anniversary with the Defender 50th.  Beefed up with a 4.0-liter Rover V8, this 90
January 12, 2022
restomod defender

Crafting the Ultimate Restomod Defender Edition

What started as a trend in the ’80s has quickly become competition for restoration shops today as the technology boom pushes vehicles forward. Initially set out in the pace of
January 7, 2022
custom defender 110

From Crate to Road Installation of the GM LS3 Defender

From arriving in a crate tp pushing over 4,000 lbs of Land Rover Defender, the small block LS3 is a power packed V8 perfect for any restomod. The 6.2 L
December 29, 2021
custom defender in silver

Top 2021 Custom Defenders at ECD

2021 proved to be another year full of innovative and industry changing builds. We produced 3 customized Soft top D110s, each more different than the last, our first electric RRC,
December 22, 2021

Things to Know When Ordering a Custom Defender

For many fans of the classic Defender, they choose to preserve the past by driving into the future in a custom Defender. When you order a custom Land Rover Defender
December 22, 2021

Are Defenders 4×4 Capable

For decades the classic Defender has been known as a rugged go-anywhere vehicle roaming various terrains worldwide. The Land Rover Defender has been roving as a true 4×4 vehicle from
December 10, 2021

ECD Automotive Design Releases Limited E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Cards

For the fifth consecutive year, E.C.D. Automotive Design has released a limited amount of its exclusive E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Card just in time for Mother’s Day. The card was a
December 8, 2021

Paying Homage to the Classic Defender

It’s always been about attitude. The one that defies boundaries, scoffs at obstacles and conquers territories. From the very beginning, the Land Rover 4×4 SUV – before there even was
December 1, 2021

Modern Conveniences of a Restored Land Rover at ECD

Originally built to be a workhorse, the Land Rover Defender is truly a vehicle that can go the extra mile… when it’s not at the side of the road with
November 24, 2021

Land Rover Defender Grille Options for Classic to Modern Restoration

November 17, 2021

Durability of the Classic Land Rover

Originally built to meet a market in need of a go-anywhere vehicle, the Land Rover Defender’s primary use during its initial production was something between a sheep truck and a