February 5, 2019

Custom Land Rover Defender Drivetrain Options

ECD Automotive Design has implemented various LS3 as well as LC9 engines into our custom vehicles. Since implementing the LS3 engine,  we have continued to be a leading innovator in
January 29, 2019

Making Your Land Rover Defender California Compliant

Making your custom Defender compliant for California emissions regulations isn’t a simple task. The Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decal program is administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in
January 22, 2019

Best Bumpers for Your Custom Land Rover Defender

The Luxury Design Experience at E.C.D. allows you to design your custom Land Rover Defender any way you desire. It’s an immersive experience that will enable you to choose the
January 15, 2019

Custom Leather for Your Custom Restored Land Rover Defender

The seats in your Custom Defender are an essential aspect of ride comfort. Additionally, the seat material you choose is vital to the overall feel and comfort of your custom
January 7, 2019

Defender Roll Cages to Keep Your Defender Safe

Roll cages are a must-have feature on a custom Defender. E.C.D. offers a four-point, four-point internal, six-point roll cage, and the multi-point roll cage for the Defenders. The roll cage
December 18, 2018
Custom Defender 110

Best Tires for Land Rover Defender

The tires used on a Defender or any vehicle can make or break the comfort of your ride. The right kind of tire can make your Defender a smooth road
December 13, 2018
Custom Land Rover Defender 110

Custom Seats for Your Restored Defender

Building a custom Land Rover Defender by E.C.D. is an immersive experience. Each Land Rover Defender custom interior is handcrafted on site at the Rover Dome where we pride ourselves
December 5, 2018

Employee Spotlight | Glenn Sutton | Head of Warranty

E.C.D. has the best warranty in the Defender restoration business and Glenn is the reason why. As Head of Warranty for E.C.D., Glenn travels to our clients’ homes or place
December 4, 2018

ECD Automotive Design Releases Limited E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Cards

For the second consecutive year, E.C.D. Automotive Design has released a limited amount of its exclusive E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Card. The card was a hit in its inaugural season, faring
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