September 28, 2022
Project Night Prowler

Taking Apart a Defender for Restoration

Tearing down the Classic Defender The journey to the ultimate custom Defender takes many steps, from consulting with the design crew to searching the globe for the best foundation vehicle
September 21, 2022

Modern Styling Options for Your Restored Defender

When having ECD build your custom Land Rover Defender, every aspect of the vehicle is hand chosen, making it different from every build before it. The other benefit of having
September 8, 2022

Top 3 All-Time LS3 Powered Defenders at ECD

Years of modern innovation, technology, and a little ingenuity from our design team have allowed ECD to continue turning out some amazingly beautiful and powerful custom-built Land Rover Defenders. When
September 5, 2022
classic defender

Top Questions to Ask When Buying a Classic Defender for Sale

The US classic cars market is the largest in the world, generating nearly $19 billion in revenue by 2024. If you’re looking for classic Defenders for Sale, you need as
September 5, 2022
NAS Defender 90

Restoring a NAS Defender into a Restored Masterpiece

Explore ECD’s Top NAS Defender Restoration What is it that makes the NAS Defender so desirable? The Land Rover Defender’s beauty lies in its history, appearance, and rarity. As far
September 2, 2022

How Long Does it Take to Build a Classic Defender

Starting the journey to a custom Defender can be a process that simply begins with deciding who your builder will be. While the decision can seem daunting, or you might
September 2, 2022

Top 5 Rare Land Rover Builds

ECD has had plenty of notable custom defenders come off our line; we specialize in building custom Land Rovers. Every now and then, however, a select few make huge waves
August 29, 2022
restored defender

Why the 1980-1997 Classic Defender Models are so Beloved

The 1980-1997 Land Rover Defender models are some of the most beloved cars in history. They were originally designed as military vehicles and continue to be popular today for their
August 18, 2022
range rover classic

Benefits of Owning a Range Rover Classic

Classic vehicle enthusiasts have plenty of iconic brands and models to choose from, and a crowded field can make it easy to miss out on the Range Rover Classic. A
August 17, 2022
Jaguar E-Type

What Comes With an ECD Jaguar E-Type Restoration

Choosing to restore a Jaguar E-Type is the start of a highly personalized journey. Just like the original craftsmanship that introduced the E-Type in the 1960s, a quality restoration team
August 17, 2022
custom series 3

Most Impressive Restored Defender Conversions in ECD History

When ECD initially started restoring the classic Defender in 2013, our engine lineup consisted of a refurbished Rover V8 engine and a refurbished Turbo diesel engine, both of which were
August 11, 2022
Jaguar E-Type

4 Ways to Customize Your Jaguar E-Type

Refresh an iconic British sports car with ECD Automotive Design. Whether you’re craving the open-top feel of a Jaguar E-Type convertible or the raw power of a Jaguar V12, there
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