May 9, 2020
ecd land rover defender 90

The Custom Defender 90 is the Perfect Summer Vehicle

For being the smaller version of its classic Defender model, the Land Rover Custom Defender 90 holds its own as a go-anywhere S.U.V. In fact, its smaller size makes it
May 8, 2020

ECD Automotive Design Releases Limited E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Cards

For the fourth consecutive year, E.C.D. Automotive Design has released a limited amount of its exclusive E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Card just in time for Mother’s Day. The card was a
May 6, 2020
custom restoration defender

Custom Original Defender Restoration vs Custom Auto Shop

E.C.D. Automotive Design has been around since 2013, and boy have we learned some things. In our drive to be the best custom Land Rover builder in the U.S., the
April 17, 2020
Defender 110 Kingsman

E.C.D. Introduces the Pursuit Collection Starting at $150K

ECD Automotive Design is announcing the launch of our newest line of custom Land Rover Defenders, the Pursuit Collection, being added to the production line at the recently expanded Rover
April 17, 2020
Electric Defender

ECD Now Offering an Electric Defender with Tesla Direct Drive Unit

Believe it or not, E.C.D.’s original drive-train options did NOT include its popular Chevy LS3 V8 engines. No, our original builds featured none other than the classic Rover V8 engine
April 3, 2020
electric defender

ECD Engine Evolution | Rover V8 to Electric Defender

Although enthusiasts are attracted to the classic shape and feel of the Land Rover Defender, it is only natural that they are also drawn to luxury and speed. Here’s the
March 19, 2020
soft top defender 90

Benefits of a Soft Top Defender

From turning heads to feeling the breeze, there’s a lot to love about E.C.D’s custom soft top Defenders. Here’s why you should consider adding a soft top as one of
March 12, 2020

Defending The Off-Road Legacy | Original Defender

Born out of strife and necessity, the Original Land Rover Defender continues to dominate the off-road after 72 years. In order to fully get to know the Land Rover Defender,
February 21, 2020
overland defender

Overland Defender: Must-Have Features

Overlanding is all about the thrill and experience of a self-sustainable journey. Fully capable of conquering any terrain, an overland Defender is a perfect vehicle for this adventure. Though the
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