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Unleash the allure of a bespoke Custom Defender or restored ECD classic. Elevate your driving experience with meticulously restored Land Rover Defenders, handcrafted to your exact specifications. Explore our legacy of blending tradition with innovation and embark on a journey where every detail tells a story. Discover why enthusiasts trust us to redefine adventure, one custom Defender at a time. Our team of artisans allow you change every element leaving no detail unattended whether working to create a restored defender, classic jaguar, or mustang.

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Crafting Your Own Dream Build

While we start with a newly restored chassis for your dream ECD Build, your journey starts with its personalized design. Hand-select features such as a powerful GM drivetrain, any paint option, and the perfect layout for your vehicle’s seating.

Inside, invoke your style into every detail of your vehicle, down to the stitching. Choose from a range of leathers and materials to upholster your dream Build’s interior, along with a variety of accessories and touches to suit your vehicle’s lifestyle.

Preview all of your custom selections for your ECD Land Rover using our intuitive and user-friendly 3D rendering software live in person, making it easy to change your design or carry on confidently.

News & Stories


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ECD Auto Design is well known by over 150 publications worldwide and has been featured in over 800 news publications and articles by some of the most esteemed international automotive outlets including Robb Report, Top Gear, Motor Trend, and Forbes. With each stride in innovation, quality, and craftsmanship, ECD pushes forward as a world-class leader in both the luxury and automotive industries.

Vehicle Build

Just like you, we are obsessed with building the very best one of one vehicle. Our passion for perfection shows in our painstaking attention to detail in every vehicle we build; that’s why everything is done completely in-house. Each original defender or range rover is carefully crafted by a team of over 50 mechanics.

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Project Kingsman

One of the best things about getting a vehicle from E.C.D. Automotive Design, is that even though it is a foreign vehicle, you can take the vehicle anywhere in the United States to be serviced. Working with E.C.D. Automotive Design is a professional experience, but it's such a close-knit group that it is like working with family.


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