September 12, 2017
Custom Built Defender 110

4 Reasons Clients Choose Us Over the Competition

East Coast Defender is a brand driven toward perfection. We strive for it in every build, every concept, and every day when we walk the grounds of our sprawling Central
September 6, 2017
Custom Builder Defender

Building a Defender That Sounds as Good as It Looks

Land Rover Defenders are unmistakable in design. When the innovators at East Coast Defender get their hands on one, we can take this design to another level of creativity and
August 10, 2017
NAS Defender 90

Celebrities & Land Rovers: A History

Land Rover Defenders are often the utility truck chosen by celebrities and royalty because of the combination of immense luxury and quality that they consistently provide. But they are also
August 9, 2017
Custom Defender 110 for sale

Which ECD Project Fits Your Personality

Choosing the specific items included in your custom Land Rover Defender is a very personal project. The design pioneers at East Coast Defender can build the truck of your dreams:
July 30, 2017
Defender D90

American & English Heritage Collide: The Land Rover Defender NAS Series

Land Rovers are British products through and through, synonymous with excellence and the Crown itself. But when the company decided to bring one of its most iconic products, the Land
July 24, 2017
Custom Grille Defender

A Timeline of the Land Rover and British Royalty

If there is one thing you can say about a Land Rover Defender, it’s that they have a pedigree. They are rugged luxury trucks that have evolved over the years,
July 13, 2017

10 Signs You Own a Land Rover Defender

A lot of celebrities own Land Rover Defenders both for their unique design and the level of lavishness they bring to the driving experience. Sean Connery, Ralph Lauren, and the
July 11, 2017
Defender 90 for Sale

The Defender Assists Communities Across the World

Land Rover seeks to promote excellence both on and off the road. And lately, they have been doing just that via a partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross
July 7, 2017
Land Rover 70 years Defender

Land Rover Celebrates 70 Years

70 years is a long time. As Land Rover reaches this lofty birthday, it’s worthwhile to look back on their legacy of one of the most capable and unique trucks
June 28, 2017
Honeybadger Defender 90

Take Full Control with Project Honey Badger

Honey badgers in the wild are known for a number of attributes: ferocity, fearlessness, and strength. In fact, the honey badger has been voted by the Guinness Book of World
June 24, 2017
Defender Land Rover Viper

The Defender’s Many Big-Screen Appearances

The Land Rover Defender, without doubt, cuts a certain figure. Distinctive and bold, Hollywood figured out a long time ago that this formidable truck shows up rather well on the
June 22, 2017
Land Rover Defender D110

The Land Rover Defender & the Camel Trophy

There is just something about the Land Rover Defender 110 that attracts specialization. Aficionados rank the best Defenders not just by year produced, but by the specific reason that this