February 28, 2022
Custom Defender 110 with Kahn

Modded Defender Stylings for 2022

As a top custom Land Rover Defender builder, ECD is a master of Modified Land Rover Defenders. With newer innovations, client requests, and even challenges our founders pose, ECD is
January 26, 2022

Upgrading a Defender with a LT1 Engine

A master of small block engines, GM engines were a staple to the introduction of Hot Rods and Restomods. The original LT1 (then the LT-1) was a small block engine
January 26, 2022
ls3 range rover classic

Creating the Unimaginable: Land Rover Defender V8 Engine Swap

Creating the Unimaginable: Land Rover Defender V8 Engine Swap In 1998, Land Rover commemorated its 50th anniversary with the Defender 50th.  Beefed up with a 4.0-liter Rover V8, this 90
January 12, 2022
restomod defender

Crafting the Ultimate Restomod Defender Edition

What started as a trend in the ’80s has quickly become competition for restoration shops today as the technology boom pushes vehicles forward. Initially set out in the pace of
January 7, 2022
custom defender 110

From Crate to Road Installation of the GM LS3 Defender

From arriving in a crate tp pushing over 4,000 lbs of Land Rover Defender, the small block LS3 is a power-packed V8 perfect for any restomod. The 6.2 L LS3
November 3, 2021
land rover defender 90

Custom Engine Options for the Range Rover Classic

ECD has produced quite the range of vintage Range Rover Classics since announcing the vehicle as a part of their lineup only a few years ago. Much like ECD’s now-famous
October 20, 2021
defender 90

How ECD Restored the Classic Defender Dash

The classic Defender was an authentic piece of heritage. As a heritage-style vehicle, the original interior was built for the most basic needs and minimal controls. The dashboard, sans a
September 8, 2021

The Difficulties of Restoring a Vintage Defender

There’s a reason why car enthusiast blogs and magazines write about restored vehicles like the ones ECD, Arkonik, and Twisted rebuild — it’s because restoring a vintage Defender is f*cking
August 31, 2021

How ECD Installs Leather into Defenders

 Being the King of custom, ECD’s customized Defenders have equally sublime interiors as the build’s individual exterior features. Exploring the interior options can be overwhelming since the interior design and
August 25, 2021
custom defender 90

Transforming the Original Defender with Custom Guages

One of the best parts of having a classic restoration is having the opportunity to make parts of your vintage Defender like new again. Restoring or upgrading your original Defender’s
June 13, 2021

Create the Ultimate Wheel Package for Your Defender

When it comes to building your custom Land Rover Defender, you’ve probably already been dreaming of a certain model and color for your ideal build. A detail you might have
May 21, 2021
defender 130

Original or Modern Style, Which Custom Defender Fits You

When USA Defender builder, ECD, builds your custom Defender from the ground up, the most significant aspect is being able to fully customize your build down to the color ofthe