July 10, 2020
custom defender 110

Top 5 ECD Custom Defender 110, Co-Founder Tom Weighs In

Everyone has a different opinion as to which E.C.D. builds are the best. Lifestyle, color preference, and style play a role in what someone finds suits them best for their
July 10, 2020
Land Rover Defender 110 Custom

ECD’s Aspirations – Quality, Luxury, Customization | Luxury Custom SUV

E.C.D.’s founders are individuals who have had a passion for vehicles since their childhoods. In a moment of perfect passing, they were able to come together and pull their passions
June 29, 2020
custom defender 110 land rover defender

Most Popular Custom Features From Top Custom Defender Brands

Top Custom Defender Features With over 250 vehicles under our belt, it’s safe to say E.C.D. has picked up on which build features and brands clients and Defender enthusiasts alike
June 21, 2020

How To: Restored Custom Defender Build Done Right

June 19, 2020

E.C.D.’s Top 5 Most Unique Customizations on Our Restored Custom Builds

At E.C.D., we strive to bring creativity, innovation, and individuality to every custom Defender we build. A common saying here at E.C.D. is, “If you can dream it, we can
June 12, 2020
custom defender

Why Restoring a Custom Defender is Difficult

E.C.D. has been building Land Rover Defenders since its inception around 2013. It was only in the last few years that we decided to truly dedicate ourselves to making sure
June 8, 2020
arkonik defender vs ecd

Arkonik Defender vs E.C.D. Land Rover Defenders | The Facts

The Land Rover Defender has been making its way to the United States from premium builders such as ourselves. Over the years, we often have clients who seek to know
May 31, 2020
custom defender 90

Custom Defender 90, The Agile Lifestyle Defender

If you’re an avid vehicle enthusiast in the market to buy an off-road vehicle that serves more than one purpose, look no further than the Land Rover Defender 90. Not
May 9, 2020
ecd land rover defender 90

The Custom Defender 90 is the Perfect Summer Vehicle

For being the smaller version of its classic Defender model, the Land Rover Custom Defender 90 holds its own as a go-anywhere S.U.V. In fact, its smaller size makes it
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